About The Neon Judgement

CC BY-SA 4.0 - Image by Atamari

The Neon Judgement is a Belgian new wave band, formed in Leuven in 1981 by Dirk Da Davo (born Dirk Timmermans, keyboards/vocalist) and TB Frank (born Frank Vloeberghs, guitarist/vocalist). They have often been cited, alongside fellow Belgian band Front 242, as the pioneers of electronic body music (EBM), an electronic dance genre from the early 1980s combining industrial and electro music.


Dirk Timmermans (aka Dirk Da Davo) and Franz Vloeberghs (aka TB Frank) combined minimalist industrial drones and new wave synthpop and dance music, with cold, mechanical rhythms. Their early work was aggressive, danceable and dominated by synthesizers and drum-machines. Later in their career, their work featured prominent guitars.

The Neon Judgement recorded most of their output for the Play It Again Sam label in Belgium, beginning with 1986's Mafu Cage. Their first American release came in 1987, with the sex-themed concept…Read more on Wikipedia